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Stevenson, M. E., Blaschke,  A. P. , Toze, S., Sidhu, J. P., Ahmed, W., van Driezum,  I. H., Sommer, R., Kirschner, A. K. T. , Cervero-Aragó, S., Farnleitner, A. H., Pang, L. (2015) Biotin- and Glycoprotein-Coated Microspheres as Surrogates for Studying Filtration Removal of Cryptosporidium parvum in Granular Limestone Aquifer Media, Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 81: 4277-83. doi:10.1128/AEM.00885-15.

Stevenson, M.E., Blaschke, A.P., Schauer, S., Zessner, M., Sommer, R., Farnleitner, A.H. and Kirschner, A.K.T. (2014) Enumerating Microorganism Surrogates for Groundwater Transport Studies Using Solid-Phase Cytometry. Water Air Soil Pollution 225, 1827.